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Do you want to have your hardwood floor refinished by an expert? If so, Rowe Flooring Service is the flooring contractor you should choose. We are conveniently based in Center Point, AL, and here is more about what we offer.

What We Do

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Your home’s flooring not only leaves a positive first impression but also a financial one. The importance of having well-maintained flooring cannot be overstated, whether you wish to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or think about selling it. New buyers frequently choose hardwood floors because of their dependability and attractive appearance. Newly stripped and waxed hardwood floors, however, only increase the worth and appeal of your house. Hiring an affordable hardwood floor refinishing service is a quick and easy way to add value to your property or simply give it a facelift before putting it on the market.


Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation

Carpet installation is a warm and pleasant flooring option that makes a home feel cozy and welcoming. It is a cost-effective and worthwhile investment because it is an effective insulator that will help keep the room toasty during the winter. If you have young children or a family member who requires nonslip support, carpeting is the best choice for your residence. The carpet’s traction enables your children to maintain a firm grip, thereby diminishing the likelihood of falls that could result in painful fractures or sprains. In older adults’ residences, slip-and-fall accidents are dangerous, so carpet installation is the best way to prevent them. Hiring a carpet installation firm is an excellent approach to ensure that your carpet is properly installed. Finally, carpet installation is a difficult task to complete. Homeowners really shouldn’t attempt to install carpets on their own. You need to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning will not only give your carpet the pristine appearance you’ve been striving for, but it will also improve your health. Those with snoring, sleep apnea, asthma, or other lung complications are more likely to experience health complications if carpets are not regularly cleaned to a certain standard. Insect allergens, pet dander (skin particles shed by animals), common dust and grime, and even traces of lead can become trapped in your carpet. Normal activities such as vacuuming or even simply walking on the carpet can release toxic airborne gases and contaminate your residence. If these poisonous gases infiltrate your body, you may experience a decline in health. Professional carpet cleaners use specialized shampooing formulas to eradicate any level of embedded pollutants.

Tile Floors

Tile Floors

Most property purchasers are prepared to pay a premium for high-quality flooring, specifically tile floors of impeccable quality. In addition to appearing more aesthetically pleasing, these will also be perceived as more hygienic due to their simplicity of cleaning and maintenance. You can increase the resale value of your home and recover a portion of the infrastructure costs by installing tile flooring.


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The Benefits

Finding a company that provides residential & commercial hardwood floor refinishing services is the best way to restore the pristine appearance of your wood floors. Not only will this guarantee the finest results, but you will also discover that the cost of refinishing hardwood floors is not as high as you might expect. What other advantages does a professional service provide? Professional hardwood floor refinishing options are diverse and cover a comprehensive range of available services to achieve the desired appearance. To restore wood floors to their former glory, special care must be taken, and you can rest assured that a specialist will use the proper equipment and tools and provide courteous and friendly service at all times.

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If you choose hardwood flooring, you will be presented with a variety of options. The option you choose will depend on your budget and availability. Not a single plank has the same hue or color, which makes the wood more genuine and enhances its aesthetic appeal. If you tire of the same color, you can also stain them if you so choose. You could also mix and match woods to create a fascinating appearance for the flooring. If the wooden flooring is cleaned by vacuuming, mopping, and keeping it dry, it is in good condition. Due to the non-electromagnetic nature of wooden flooring, it does not attract excessive amounts of debris, dust, and filth. Wooden floors are generally easy to maintain because they are resistant to liquid accidents. Typically, households with canines have a musty and unpleasant odor due to spills on the carpet, but if you have wooden flooring, this is the least of your concerns. Choose our hardwood flooring contractor today and let us install your floor!

How We Work

We offer professional hardwood floor refinishing services, using only high-quality tools, equipment, and a lot of precision. We ensure that every project is completed the right way, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Become one of them today and let us help you out!

Our Other Areas Served

Perhaps you also want to know the additional locations where we provide hardwood refinishing services. They are as follows:

  • Pinson, AL
  • Highland Ave and 21st Pl S, AL
  • Gardendale, AL
  • Moody, AL
  • Irondale, AL

Are you looking for an affordable hardwood floor refinishing service in Center Point, AL? Rowe Flooring Service is the business that you should choose to offer it. Contact us today!

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by Jack M. on Rowe Flooring Service

I used the services of this skilled flooring contractor. They were efficient and reliable when installing my hardwood floors. Thanks a lot for the great results! My new hardwood floors look beautiful.

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